Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Block Sets

"Valentine Trio" Uses Dark Red Vinyl, White Vinyl, White Vinyl Heart

"FREEDOM" Modpodged Individual Blocks with Scrapbooking Paper
(Daughter tore the "d" vinyl), Uses White Vinyl

Uses White Vinyl and Black Vinyl Spider on orange and black painted blocks

"GIVE THANKS" Multi Colored Painted Blocks, Uses White Vinyl

"HO HO HO" Red Painted Blocks, Uses White Vinyl

"Merry Christmas" Board painted white, Uses Dark Red Vinyl and Black Vinyl Ornament

My sister and I worked on 4 sets of these blocks for Christmas and Birthday Gifts for our Mom's and they turned out so cute. My husband cut the wood, and we sanded them, painted them, and finally...VINYLED them! Your imagination is the limit!

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  1. Man I wish I knew about this before Christmas, I gave some vinyl stuff to my brother and sister-in-law and would have gone through you! Next time for sure!